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Patient & Family Resources

We've compiled various resources that will help you or your loved one determine if you are experiencing mental health or addiction issues. You can find next steps and other sources of information you might be helpful.

What to Bring

All items must be checked in by staff. If you are a patient, please give bags or items to staff when you arrive on the unit. If you are a visitor, do not give items directly to the patient. Visitors may not bring personal belongings (including purses or backpacks, cell phones, or any electronic devices) into the facility.

In order to maintain a safe environment for all patients, please do not bring the following items:

  • Glass items
  • Lighters or matches
  • Knives or sharp items of any kind
  • Needles or pins
  • Belts
  • Shoes with laces
  • Clothing with strings (such as sweatshirts)
  • Wire hangers
  • Scissors
  • Electric appliances
  • Dental floss or Q-tips
  • Non-electric razors
  • Aerosol cans/hairspray
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol or products listing alcohol in the first three ingredients (such as mouthwash)

The hospital provides all toiletry items such as shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant.


  • The hospital does not take responsibility for valuables brought into the building.
  • We strongly discourage patients bringing large amounts of cash, credit cards, jewelry or other valuable items to the hospital.
  • Family members may assist the patient by taking such items home.
  • We DO NOT allow the use of cell phones, laptops or other electronic devices on the unit.


  • Patients’ personal medications brought to hospital must be given immediately to a nurse on the unit.
  • We are able to provide most medications through our pharmacy but information about which medications our patients have been taking (along with dosages) is extremely helpful and appreciated.
  • If a patient is taking a medication that we do not stock in our pharmacy, we will keep it in our medication room and obtain a physician’s order to dispense it.

Personal belonging limit
Storage space is extremely limited and hospital stays are short. Patients will usually need only a few changes of comfortable clothing while on the unit. Please help us by bringing limited personal items.


  • Food: Adolescents only may bring food during visiting hours (no caffeinated beverages) and all items must be consumed during the visit. We cannot store food for patients on the unit due to health code regulations. The hospital provides three meals and several snacks to patients daily.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff person or call our main number at (303) 673-9990.