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We've compiled various resources that will help you or your loved one determine if you are experiencing mental health or addiction issues. You can find next steps and other sources of information you might be helpful.


Discharge planning is a very important part of our treatment process at Centennial Peaks Hospital. In order to create a smooth transition after hospitalization, we begin working on discharge planning at the time of admission. Your cooperation and participation is vital to making this process successful.

The discharge planning process includes:

  • Arranging aftercare with a physician or clinical nurse specialist for medication management. We can provide a referral but the patient must schedule the appointment and attend the session(s).
  • Arranging aftercare with a therapist for continued outpatient counseling. We can provide a referral and schedule a first appointment but the patient must be responsible for keeping this appointment.
  • Providing referrals to support groups, aftercare and/or 12-step groups.
  • Choosing a safe environment for the patient to go following discharge.
  • At the time of discharge the patient and a support person: parent, spouse, family member or friend. This person will meet with the Aftercare Coordinator in order to discuss the patient’s discharge plan.

If the patient is an adolescent:

  • A parent or guardian must be present at this meeting.
  • A Centennial Peaks staff person will schedule this meeting with the patient’s parent or guardian.

If the patient is an adult:

  • The Centennial Peaks staff person will schedule the discharge meeting with the patient.
  • The patient will contact the support person(s) to arrange their attendance.

Should you have further questions, the Patient Advocate may be reached at (303) 666-2092.