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Help for Adolescents

Centennial Peaks’ adolescent program treats teenagers aged 13-17 who are struggling with mental illness. We offer a confidential environment and multiple levels of care so each patient receives customized treatment.

Acute Inpatient

Centennial Peaks’ acute inpatient program treats 13-17 year-old individuals who are struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues.

Our inpatient program offers:

  • An intensive, therapeutic structure
  • Psychiatric and crisis stabilization
  • Customized treatment plans for each individual
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Discharge Planning

Customized treatment

Our team works with each patient to provide an individualized treatment plan. The main focus of the plan is to relieve symptoms of emotional crisis and help the patient regain control of his or her life.

Clinical team

Our acute inpatient team consists of:

  • 24-hour psychiatric nursing care
  • Mental health specialists
  • Case managers
  • Social workers
  • Activity therapists
  • Psychiatrists

Discharge Planning

As soon as a patient is admitted, we begin planning for a successful return to the community and daily life. These plans may include continuing care with the attending physician, partial hospitalization, an outpatient treatment program or other community resources.